Welcome to our web page on oven cleaning in Lostwithiel.  This page is aimed at giving you the reader a quick insight into what we do, please click on the oven cleaning services page above or perhaps the oven cleaning pricing page above if you are interested in the pricing first. You are also welcome to contact us any time for information that you need that you have not found on this website.

An oven cleaning professional will arrive at your home at a time and day that suits your lifestyle and will carry out our oven cleaning service within your home.  We take all of the greasy grill pans and oven racks out of the oven and place them in the back of the oven cleaning dip tank that is located in the back of the oven cleaners van.  These tanks are specifically created for cleaning oven racks and grill pans, so in most cases, these will come out of the tank looking like new.  Whilst the tank is doing its job the oven cleaning specialist will clean the shell of the oven to remove any burnt on food particles and then thoroughly clean the oven, hob or extractor, or perhaps all three.


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