Why we don’t clean SMEG ovens

The below explanation applies to the majority of SMEG ovens especially their ‘Range’ ovens and 90cm Wide Single Ovens. Manufactures update designs all the time so we are continually reviewing this issue and hope that this policy can be changed.



The design of the large majority of SMEG oven doors mean that they don’t allow for the door to be taken apart/stripped down and cleaned between all the internal sections of glass in the door (a lot of SMEG ovens have 4 separate pieces of glass in the door).

Dirt, grease, and dust can find their way between these sections of glass in the door. Even after spending a long time taking all the other sections of glass out of the door and cleaning them you find that the external glass of the oven door and the section of glass closest to it are sealed in place so they can’t be removed. Dirt, grease and dust can still find their way between these sheets of glass, but they can’t be accessed to be cleaned.

The end result of this is a customer who is not very happy with the clean, due to the door still looking dirty inside. The oven cleaning technician has probably taken an extra hour (compared to a similar oven) taking the door apart just to check if the door can be fully stripped down.

No one is happy with this result, and as we really want all our customers to be happy with their oven clean we have taken the decision to no longer clean SMEG ovens for the time being.


If you really still want us to clean your SMEG oven.

If you have a SMEG oven and still want us to clean your oven please understand the situation and adjust your expectations accordingly and be aware that we won’t clean inside of the oven door. We will not take apart/strip down the oven door of a SMEG oven to clean the between the glass.


Will I be charged the same price if you do clean my SMEG oven?

Yes. Cleaning between the sections of glass in the door for the majority ovens is a slightly technical job, but not very hard or time consuming when you know how.