2012 fireworks oven clean

During the festive season with all the parties and the meals that are lovingly prepared your oven will probably have quite a lot of use. It might be in need of a little Christmas present itself after the party time is over.

There are many good reasons to get your oven cleaned after the festive season and have a fresh start to the New Year, below are just a few.


– Save Money

Not only do we have a fantastic post Christmas promotion where you get your hob cleaned for free with every oven clean, but a clean oven is a more efficient oven. When all the grease and grime is removed from the oven your cooker does not have to heat all this extra material and can gain the correct cooking temperature faster. Saving you not only money but also your valuable time.


– Health

Grease and grime build-up will also mean the build-up of bacteria and lead to UN-hygienic cooking conditions.


– Smoking oven

After all the lovely Christmas food has been cooked your oven might be starting to smoke a little, especially when grilling. Having your oven cleaned will remove the grease and burnt on carbon that is normally the cause of this smoke. In some cases this can become a fire hazard if not removed, and in all cases it never nice when the smoke alarm goes off when your cooking.


Having your oven cleaned professionally can give your cooker a new lease of life and save you time and money when preparing meals. Cornwall Oven Cleaning’s service is hassle free, only takes a few hours and appointments are booked at your convenience.

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