Plan everything two days in advance when preparing to bbq

If your planning to barbecue on the weekend the first barbecue-tip is to get everything you will need together a few days before.That means getting your meat,spices,vegetables a few days earlier so you don’t have to run to the supermarket at the last minute.


The importance of a good thermometer

It is very important in barbecuing to know the temperature internally off your meats to make sure that everything has cooked to the right temperature so harmful germs and parasites have been killed.

The only way to know this for certain is to use an instant read thermometer probe. These cooking thermometers are very inexpensive today and are a must for all barbecuers.

When is the food ready?

It is recommended that:

  • Raw pork ,beef and veal be cooked to an internal temperature of 145°F.
  • Ground pork, beef, and veal to be cooked to a temperature internally of 165°F which should be measured using a food thermometer.
  • Poultry be cooked internally to a temperature of 165°F again this needs to be measured with a thermometer.


Prepare your meat the night before

Prepare your meat and marinade it the day before, place the meat in a plastic closed container in the fridge ready for cooking.


Keep the fat on the meat for the best flavor

Boneless meats, such as beef brisket and pork shoulder, will shrink considerably during smoke-cooking, unless they have a heavy layering of fat. So you should also always buy brisket and pork shoulder that has upheld the amount of fat on it.