No one likes paying extra, so this page explains why we have a fuel charge for some areas of Cornwall.

There are several oven cleaning companies operating in Cornwall, so if you don’t agree with our fuel charge policy and the reasons why we charge this extra fee please contact another company for a professional oven clean. We want all our customers to be happy and pleased with the service we provide.

We would really love to have an oven cleaning technician that lives in North or East Cornwall so we can remove the fuel charges. If you know someone who would like this opportunity please get them to Contact Us.

We are based in West Cornwall and our mobile oven cleaning technicians live in Helston or Hayle. We introduced a fuel charge system 9 years ago when it was no longer viable to clean ovens in areas to the East of Cornwall (East of Truro and Newquay).

The extra travelling time to get to North or East Cornwall would not be worth it without this charge and we would just take jobs in our local area. We understand that our customers in these fuel charge areas would like Cornwall Oven Cleaning to clean their ovens due to our reputation and the standard of cleans that we carry out. This is why we have introduced a fuel charge so customers to the East of Newquay and Truro can benefit from the service Cornwall Oven Cleaning provide.

We like to treat all our customer as equal, but due to travel times and fuel costs we simply would no longer be able to clean any ovens past Truro or Newquay if we didn’t charge extra for these areas.

To make a days work viable in these areas we will often clean two or three different customers ovens in a fuel charge area in one day. All jobs will be charged the fuel charge (its more or a ‘travel time and fuel charge’, but ‘fuel charge’ is easier to say). I will explain why with an example:

If we travel 1hr from Hayle/Helston to North Cornwall and clean two different customers ovens both with a £20 fuel charge this is £40 for 2hrs of travel time and fuel. This does not include the travel time between jobs which would be the same in or out of a fuel charge area. In these 2hrs of travel time we could have cleaned another single oven at £70.

This is why when we are cleaning ovens in the fuel charge area each customer is charged the fuel charge, and we clean two or three customers ovens in a day.

While everyone is trying to reduce their impact on the environment we always try to book cleans in that are near to each other on the same day to reduce the miles we travel. While this is not always possible we try our best to limit our mileage and therefore carbon footprint. 

Please see the map below for costs, if you are not sure if you live in a fuel charge area or if that area is a £20 or £30 area please just send us a message.


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