From 1st October – December 31st 2012 we donated  5% of our turnover to Foodbank’s here in Cornwall.

After hearing about the Foodbanks and the work they do (giving local people an emergency donation of food when they are in crisis) we wanted to help in any way we could. We felt this was particularly the right time to help, given the bad economic times many people are feeling the strain off (Foodbanks are helping more people now than ever before) and being the lead up to and including Christmas.


We would like to thank everyone that had there oven cleaned by Cornwall Oven Cleaning from 1st October – December 31st 2012, we are very grateful for all the ovens we were able to clean during this period of time, and would like to thank all of our customers Past, Present and Future for there support.


Below are two comment’s I got passed on from clients the Foodbank was able to help.

“Thank you for the Christmas box .  It meant that Christmas day was special rather than just another day. We had a turkey and veg and we had pudding and mince pies and chocolates. We also were able to buy a couple of small prezies for our 5 year old . He was thrilled with his car and his transformer which would have been difficult to buy if we had to try and buy extra food as well.  It really felt like Christmas and our son has told everyone that Santa brought a massive box of food! He loved the Haribo And the giant hotdogs. Thank you”
“Hi all I just wanted to txt to say thank you so much for the food. I must admit I cried when I saw the children so excited about the sweets and chocolate. I bought a huge chicken with the gift voucher and the children and I had a lovely Christmas dinner . We had loads of food all week thanks to the foodbank and the Children were really able to enjoy Christmas.”